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Chris Covert-Bowlds

Chris Covert-Bowlds, MD, Vice President

Chris is a family doctor at Kaiser Permanente Northgate Medical Center in Seattle, and has seen many people suffer terrible health problems and die prematurely, due to lack of any or adequate health insurance. Chris believes Americans all deserve affordable health coverage, as a human right, and we need to tell the stories to move people’s hearts and minds to achieve this life-saving goal of social justice. Chris has practiced in public health, low income, and private practice clinics, and will always remember the suffering of two women who died very early: one due to breast cancer, and the other due to untreated heart disease, because of their lack of health insurance. That is an outrage, and should not happen to anyone. Every American has a right to attorney, if accused of a crime, and every American should have the right to health care. Chris can be reached at [email protected].