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Crossing the Finish Line! Governor signs ESSB 2662: Capping out-of-pocket cost of insulin + Total Cost of Insulin Work Group

We were so excited to see Governor Inslee sign another law today based on a HCFA-WA proposal. ESSB 2662 relieves diabetics in our state from the skyrocketing cost of insulin.

This two-pronged law not only provides a cap on out-of-pocket costs for the next two years, but also sets in motion a longer term comprehensive approach to controlling costs with the formation of the Total Cost of Insulin Work Group.

We're also very pleased that our lobbying added representation on the work group from someone who lives with diabetes. Read more about this legislation here.

Our agenda is aggressive and we work relentlessly throughout the year. As we navigate the COVID-19 crisis, we ask for your urgent support as we work to ensure everyone has access to care.

Your contribution, either one-time or a recurring monthly donation, will allow us to do so much more.

Thank you for your support!

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