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Action Alert ★ We're So Close! Your Pressure is Needed Now

We are in the last couple of minutes of a tied championship game -- anything could happen. We cannot let up. We're so close!

We are pursuing all available avenues for making the elements of the Pathway to Universal Health Care bill, SB 5822, a reality in whatever form it takes. The legislators are still duking it out, so we need to continue to pressure the House and now the Executive branch as well. Our best option now is a budget proviso and/or an Executive Order from the Governor.

Update: It would be super helpful for small business owners, doctors, nurses, pharmacists to email today! Especially our friends in Eastern Washington.

Please take a few minutes to apply full court pressure:

1) We need massive pressure on Speaker Chopp and Rep. Ormsby, Chair of the House Appropriation Committee to request an line item in the budget called a budget proviso. Please click here to edit and send an email. (with corrected email address)

2) Email Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler and request support for an Executive Order and a budget proviso. Then copy the message from your email to Kreidler so that you can paste it into Governor Inslee's email form.

3) And last but not least...Please thank Rep. Nicole Macri and Sen. Emily Randall for their tireless work on the Pathway bill.


Thanks for all your advocacy this Legislative Session!

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