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Current Action Alert!

Action 1: The State-Based Universal Health Care Act

Contact your Member of Congress to co-sponsor Ro Khanna’s State Based Universal Health Care Act of 2023 (SBUHCA, 2023). With your help we can remove a major barrier to making universal health care a reality in WA. Read the Introduction to SBUHCA 2023 which outlines the importance of this legislation. 

Why do we put so much energy into state-based universal healthcare?

States are incubators for many societal gains and can also take the lead for universal healthcare. The history of states leading the way is: 

  • Women's right to vote started in Wyoming in the mid-nineteenth century
  • Social Security started in New York by Governor Roosevelt in the early 1930s 
  • The Affordable Care Act started in Massachusetts in the early 2000s 

Action: Contact Your Member of Congress

We made it easy to find your representative.

Find your Member of Congress!

If you live in Pramila Jayapal’s CD7 or Adam Smith’s CD9, please thank them for co-sponsoring this important legislation. 

If not, copy the custom letter below and paste it at the One Click Politics link above — or edit it to make it your own.

Custom letter  

Body of text: 

We all know that health care in the USA is a mess, and Washington is no exception.  

In Washington:

*Asthma rates and treatment costs are ranked among the highest in the nation 

*In primary and pediatric care, Washington ranks at or below the 25th percentile in comparison to the other 49 states 

*Nearly half of Washington families cannot afford their health care, leading to delayed care, rationing of medicines like insulin, or bankruptcy due to medical debt - the number one cause cited in bankruptcy filings in the US.  

But there is a solution - and 63% of Americans want it now

Washington could be the first state in the nation to offer a state based universal health care plan to all state residents. But to do so we need to get the federal government on board. In late September of 2023 Congressman Khanna will present a bill to modify federal restrictions on Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA, and taxation, thus allowing states like Washington to create a state based universal health care system. 

This is your chance to be a part of this historic legislation from the start. 

I am asking you to co-sponsor the State-Based Universal Health Care Act (HR 3775) that Rep. Ro Khanna will introduce later this month. 

Thank you very much.


WA Community Checkup
Increasing share of Americans favor a single government program

Action 2: Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Program

As part of the Federal Inflation Reduction Act, Medicare is now able to lower the cost of 10 prescription drugs. You can share your story at Opportunities for Public Input on Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Program: Patient-Focused Listening Sessions.


Thank you for taking action! We're on our way to Everybody In, Nobody Out health care!

We can’t get to universal health care without your support.