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Take Action Network

Healthcare for All - Washington

We are working to enhance our legislative advocacy positions and actions by using the Take Action Network (TAN), a web platform developed by Daniel Weise in cooperation with Washington Indivisible Network.  TAN provides a web-based platform for anyone who wants to be more actively engaged in Washington State legislative actions.

We invite you to join the Take Action Network.  You'll be provided with an initial profile that will allow you to follow Health Care for All-Washington legislative advocacy work and actions and those of other advocacy organizations that most relate to your primary issues and the types of events and civil actions of most interest to you.  Some of the organizations using TAN include the Faith Action Network (FAN), Environmental Priorities Coalition, RE Sources, Fair Vote Washington, 350.WA, and many more.

Please click on:
to join the Take Action Network.

TAN also allows you to customize the information you receive.  We hope that you will include actions and events from Health Care for All-Washington in your TAN list of sources.

And, of course, we will continue to provide more information and additional events through our direct communications with you: member emails and our monthly e.Bulletin updates.  We also encourage you to join in our 2nd Wednesday Speaker Series (2ndWSS) Zoom session for updates on our activities.

We will be making available training in how to use TAN in the coming weeks to help you get the most out of this new resource.