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Become a volunteer

We are building a statewide grassroots network for universal health care!

Check out our list of volunteer opportunities and let us know where you can best contribute your skills and passion. If you don’t see your area of expertise in this list, let us know how you want to contribute.

Speaking and organizing

Are you a people person?

  • Invite your friends and family to join us in helping Washington state to become the first state in the nation to offer universal health care.
  • Organize speaking events at your legislative district, local business, or even a club at your college or university.
  • Build and strengthen relationships across state and party lines.

Fundraising and development

Do you want to put the fun in fundraising?

  • Plan events, from house parties to larger local events.
  • Help with events: publicity, greeting, food, and discussion with guests.


Are you a natural storyteller?

  • Create, update, and edit content for our flyers and other presentation materials.
  • Create and curate text, graphics, and video for our website and presentations.
  • Develop educational materials.

Data, finance, and governance 

Do you want to use your analytical, financial, and legal skills for good?

  • Produce surveys and apply the data to legislative efforts.
  • Conduct financial analysis to develop fiscal policy and recommendations for legislative efforts.
  • Help us with legal compliance, disclosure, and governance tasks.


Are you a policy wonk?

  • Monitor and participate in the Universal Health Care Commission (UHCC).
  • Join boards or commissions in various arenas of health policy.
  • Build a coalition and advocate for legislation that builds the foundation for universal health care in Washington state!

Will you volunteer?