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HB 1104: The WHST

HB 1104: The Washington Health Security Trust - Our Bill in the House
Requiring the submission of a waiver to the federal government to create the Washington health security trust.
Prime Sponsor: Sherry Appleton
Co-Sponsors: Dolan, Chapman, Macri, Wylie, Goodman, Pollet, Stanford, Valdez, Ryu, Frame, Tarleton
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Our legislation would create a single public trust fund, the Washington Health Security Trust (WHST). The fund is dedicated to paying for a defined set of health services for all state residents.

The WHST, if fully implemented, would, essentially, collect the money we now spend on health insurance and health care from the same sources as at present (employers, individuals, state government, and the federal government), and put those funds into the Trust. The WHST can cover high-quality, comprehensive health care for all residents without additional revenue.

Highlights of the WHST
• All residents are covered for defined benefits regardless of health or employment
• Residents choose their health professionals.
• Health professionals and patients make the medical decisions.
• Health professionals work in both the private and public sectors, just as they do now.
They are not employees or agents of the WHST.
• Health professionals, clinics, hospitals, and other health providers negotiate terms of
their participation with the WHST.
• A public board of trustees governs the WHST. The initial appointed board defines the
initial benefits package, creates a claims processing system, and sets up a system of
effective tools to monitor WHST performance. Subsequently, the members of the board
will be appointed by the governor from a list of nominees, on a rotating basis.
• The board will use three advisory committees: a citizens’ advisory committee for
general input, especially about access to care, quality of care and public satisfaction;
a technical advisory committee to help with decisions about what services,
pharmaceuticals, and devices to include in the benefits package; and a financial
advisory committee to monitor operations and financial performance.
• The board will seek public input for WHST policies over time.
• The board is required to submit yearly reports to the legislature and the governor.

-from our WHST Background Paper

Frequently Asked Questions about the state bill, the WHST

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