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SSB 6088: Rx Drug Affordability Board


Establishes the prescription drug affordability board, requires the board to identify prescription drugs priced above a certain threshold, and authorizes the board to conduct cost reviews of drugs and set upper payment limits for state purchasers.

Status: Unfortunately, due to budget constraints brought on by the Covid-19 crisis, Gov. Inslee vetoed this bill. We hope it will be reintroduced in 2021.

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What it means for Health Care for All-Washington

This bill is getting government deep into the examination and control of the cost of individual drugs, and, by establishing upper payment limits, putting price caps on the drugs the state purchases.

Vote Notes

This bill was highly partisan in the Senate (28-20), but, once it got out of Appropriations (27-6), was overwhelmingly supported in the House (94-3, one excused).