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2018 Annual Meeting Recap

Thank you for the successful 2018 HCFA-WA Annual Meeting! We had an excited and enthusiastic gathering of activists wanting to learn more about our plans for the 2019 Legislative Session. A recap...
We were pleased to honor Rep. Sherry Appleton, (LD 23), for her unwavering support of the WHST Bill.
President Marcia Stedman laid out the current situation and our legislative priorities. And  Rep. Nicole Macri (43rd LD), Vice-Chair of the House Health and Wellness Committee, spoke about her proposed health care legislation that would be a bridge to the WHST. Watch Rep. Macri's talk here, courtesy of HCFA-WA Board Member DW Clark.
David Loud, a PSARA Represenative to the Health Care is a Human Right Coalition, spoke about the importance of Rep. Jayapal's SBUHC Bill (currently HR 6097) and urged us to contact Rep. Jayapal and encourage her to continue to move that bill forward.
At the Annual Meeting our supporters wrote 72 notecards to U.S. Representative Jayapal, the Governor, and legislators in 12 Legislative Districts.
Thanks to HCFA-WA PAC Member Leslie A. Zukor for serving as our official Annual Meeting photographer. Check out the pics below.
A full house for the annual meeting!

Longtime WHST supporter Rep. Sherry Appleton (center) arrives, with Board Members Erica Nealious-Grall, seated left, and Sherry Weinberg in official HCFA-WA Swag, second from left.

HCFA-WA vice president Kelly Powers, left, and treasurer Dana Iorio, second from left, command the Swag table.

HCFA-WA president Marcia Stedman speaks to the room.

We honored Rep. Sherry Appleton for her commitment to single payer healthcare for Washingtonians. Thank you for your unwavering support, Representative Appleton!

Prime Sponsor of our 2019 'Bridge to Single Payer' bill Rep. Nicole Macri explains our next steps in the legislature.

David Loud, PSARA Representative to Health Care is a Human Right Coalition

Rep. Nicole Macri responds to a question during the Q&A portion of the program.

Board member Erica Nealious-Grall, center, spots a donor during the paddle call

It was an all-ages event.

The two tables that donated the most had their pick of congratulatory bottles of wine.

Board member Hal Stockbridge avails himself of the refreshments table.

A HCFA-WA member offers comments during the discussion time.

Rep. Sherry Appleton, left, and HCFA-WA President Marcia Stedman, right.

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