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2022 Primary Candidates Questionnaire

The Candidate Questionnaire Committee sent our 2022 Questionnaire to candidates registered for all state and federal elected positions to complete an online survey that would indicate their support for the priorities of Health Care For All-WA.  Our request included our intention to publish the survey results in time for the August 2, 2022, primary.

The Questionnaire

This year's Questionnaire had three questions with possible answers Yes, No, or Maybe. Candidates who answered Maybe had the option to comment with further explanation or clarification.

Question 1: Do you support legislation for equitable, high-quality, sustainable, affordable, publicly funded, publicly and privately delivered healthcare for all Washington residents? 

Question 2: Would you publicly pledge to help support a publicly funded Universal Health Care system in Washington State? 

Question 3: Will you help sponsor or co-sponsor universal healthcare legislation which focuses on mergers, lower the cost of treatments, prioritize public wellness, and increase access for all residents in Washington State?

As of the close of business on Friday, July 15, we had received 85 responses. Candidates who answered Yes to all three questions are highlighted in yellow and our Health Care Champions. At the bottom of the sheet are tabs for Legislative, Federal, and Congressional races; click to navigate. Only candidates who responded appear on these spreadsheets. If you have any issues viewing, email [email protected]

View results here! 

Find your Legislative and Congressional Districts here. New district boundaries are in effect for elections taking place in August and November 2022. To view your new 2022 legislative and congressional districts please see the new 2022 Legislative and Congressional maps.