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The Oregon Trail to Universal Health Care

Join us April 12 to hear from Oregon universal health care activists. Oregon has recently made exciting legislative strides toward universal health care and we plan to learn a lot from their successes.

Guest speakers include:

  • John Santa, Oregon Joint Task Force on Universal Health Care, Quality Assurance and
    Healthcare Accountability
  • Warren George, Oregon Joint Task Force on Universal Health Care, Fiscal Management
    and Change Management Representative
  • Tom Sincic, President, Health Care for All Oregon

Oregon recently passed Measure 111, which gives Oregonians a constitutional right to accessible, affordable health care. 

Additionally, Oregon’s Joint Task Force on Universal Health Care completed a two-year effort to design a single-payer health care financing system for all Oregon residents. The Task Force’s September 2022 report to the Oregon Legislature included a recommendation to create a nonprofit public corporation to proceed with a detailed design and financing of the single-payer system, and to oversee its implementation. The Oregon Senate has drafted SB 704, which would establish a nine-member Universal Health Plan Governance Board to create a comprehensive plan for implementing the single-payer Universal Health Plan beginning in 2027. The legislation also creates the Universal Health Plan Trust Fund to collect moneys from the federal government and employers to be used to finance the plan.

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Wednesday, April 12
7pm - 8pm
Zoom Meeting Room

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