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Fall 2023 Report

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

by Ronnie Shure, President
Fall 2023

Thank you for joining us in person or on Zoom for our Annual Educational Conference on October 21st. It was really exciting to see people in person again. We gathered in the newly remodeled Anderson Hall at Horizon House. The staff from Horizon House did an outstanding job broadcasting our meeting on Zoom and YouTube. Our members who live at Horizon House were welcoming and supportive, and many more volunteers helped set up and clean up and make everything go smoothly. Thank you to everyone who volunteered.

Here is my first offer. If you didn’t make it to our Annual Educational Conference, you still have a chance to catch the YouTube video. The panel discussion on lowering drug prices included Senator Karen Keiser and Dana Brown (with The Democracy Collaborative in the other Washington) and Gabe Levitt (with Prescription Justice advocacy group from New York City). Let us know if you have any questions about lowering drug prices.

Here is my second offer. Check out our legislative agenda for 2024 which was presented at the October 21st meeting by our lobbyist, Lonnie Johns-Brown. We will be asking for your help to educate legislators who are involved in a variety of committees. It will be a short session, so we will need a quick turnaround time when we put out a request. Please read our legislative agenda and watch for email alerts.

Here is my third offer. The volunteers on each committee worked together to create a new strategic plan, a new budget that was proposed and passed, and goals for each committee for the next fiscal year. We elected officers and members-at-large for our Board of Directors. You can find the strategic plan and our committee goals here. Look for a goal that has meaning for you. Volunteer for a short-term action team or join one of our committees. We got a lot done in 2023. We need you to help us in 2024.

Here is my fourth offer. Please make a donation for the upcoming year to our c4 Organization or our c3 Education Fund. If you are able to make a monthly donation, we will mail you a scarf emblazoned with “Everybody In, Nobody Out” to keep you warm this winter.

Our Communications Specialist and Lobbyist are working hard to lead us on the pathway to universal health care. If you are able to make a large donation, you will help us continue this work to provide information to you, to educate our legislators, and to build our lobbying effort in Olympia. If you are able to make a small donation, you will be thanking the volunteers who keep this movement going and motivating us to keep on going. You can make a difference with every donation.

The Education Fund newsletter that features this President's Message takes hours of planning and thinking and wishing and hoping. We all owe Sherry Weinberg a warm thank you for her writing and editing this quarterly newsletter. She donates a lot of time to lead us on the pathway to educate and inspire you. You can donate to the c3 Education Fund to acknowledge this work. Please send in your donation before the year’s end.

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