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Why Should You GiveBIG to HCFA-WA?

Why should you GiveBIG to Health Care for All Washington?
More than 1 million Washingtonians are unemployed since the COVID-19 crisis began. Nearly half a million residents lost health insurance, adding to the half million already uninsured in our state, with nearly as many unable to afford their health insurance deductibles.

We need you to GiveBIG to help us make change
It's taken a crisis of, well, epidemic proportions to shake up politicians to the weaknesses of our health care system. But Health Care for All Washington has been at the forefront, producing change. 

We are fighting for single payer health coverage

For more than a quarter century, HCFA-WA has been working to achieve high quality, sustainable, affordable, publicly financed, and publicly and privately delivered health care for all Washington residents. In just the past two years, we’ve passed eight bills that expand coverage, lower prescription costs, gained drug transparency, and most importantly, put us on the pathway to universal health care.

We energize, mobilize, organize, and engage in change
Step-by-step, we are making progress that impacts the lives of people just like you. We found allies and built coalitions of supporters. We informed, educated, and persuaded individuals and groups, developing a network of action-oriented volunteers and activists.

But we can’t do this alone
This is the greatest opportunity in a generation to create a new paradigm in health care. If you want to change our healthcare system, join us. GiveBIG

If you want to support our advocacy and legislative work, GiveBIG here. If you want to support our nonprofit HCFA Education Fund, an affiliate of Health Care for All Washington, GiveBIG here. Both HCFA-WA and HCFA-Ed Fund contributions will be matched 100% by generous donations from supporters and Board Members.


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