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giveBIG 2020!

Can you GiveBIG to Health Care for All Washington?
In a normal year, we would be celebrating the advances Health Care for All Washington has made in universal health care. And, because of the extraordinary legislative success we’ve had the past two years, our celebration would be mighty. But this is not a normal year, which is why GiveBIG was extended through May 15. This year, donors have shown support for our mission more than ever. We are just $983 away from meeting the matching gift challenge!

COVID-19 leaving tens of millions without health insurance at worst time
When the GiveBIG campaign began, deaths from COVID-19 in the United States equaled that of Americans killed combat during the 21 years-long Vietnam War. 15 days later, the COVID-19 death toll equals deaths from both the American Revolution and the Vietnam War. More than thirty million people are unemployed, and 60% lost health coverage at the worst possible time. 

A health care system based upon having the right job is the wrong health care system. Health Care for All Washington (HCFA-WA) works to change our health care system. And if we’ve learned one thing this year, it’s just how badly we need to change our health care system.

HCFA-WA was formed in 1994 by health care providers
Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists and other professionals sought high quality, sustainable, affordable, publicly financed, and publicly and privately delivered health care for all Washington residents. We want a better, fairer, lower cost, and more efficient way to provide, receive, and pay for health care for all residents. We want what every other industrialized country in the world has: single payer universal health care.

We’ve made big progress – but have much to do in troubled times
We’ve passed eight bills in just the past two years, and most importantly, put us on the pathway to universal health care. HCFA-WA is fighting hard to protect what we won and charge ahead to ensure that people will have health coverage. COVID-19 proves that the health of the entire public is imperative to protecting everyone.

But we can’t do this alone
This is the greatest opportunity in a generation to create a new paradigm in health care. If you want to change our healthcare system, join in our progress. GiveBIG.

If you want to support our advocacy and legislative work, GiveBIG here. If you want to support our nonprofit HCFA Education Fund, an affiliate of Health Care for All Washington, GiveBIG here. Both HCFA-WA and HCFA-Ed Fund contributions will be matched 100% by generous donations from supporters and Board Members.

Friday, May 15
12am - 11:59pm