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Health Care Profiteers' Greed Revealed at HB 1523 Hearing

Check out last week's hearing on House Bill 1523, the 'Cascade Care' bill endorsed by Governor Inslee. It has been referred to as a public option, but it is decidedly not.

It is a well-meaning attempt to offer immediate help to people priced out of private insurance plans on the Washington Health Benefit Exchange. However, instead of a public option, the bill requires private insurance companies to offer for-profit insurance plans with standard benefits while keeping costs down by controlling the reimbursement rate.

The private insurance companies piled on at the hearing to bemoan the proposal. It's an eye-opening display of greed.

What you can do: HB 1523 is under active consideration by the House Health & Wellness Committee. Please submit any comments you may have before the committee meets Friday, February 8 at 8:00 am.

Go here to learn how to contact the House Health Care Committee members.

Go here to email your legislators, or call the Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-6000.

Viewing Guide
0 hr 33 min: HB 1523 testimony begins    
1 hr 2 min: Business health care costs
1 hr 16 min: Washington Health Benefits Exchange testimony
1 hr 32 min: Kaiser Permanente representative
1 hr 38 min: Commercial Insurance broker reveals the source of greed
1 hr 47 min: Single payer activists, including Bruce Davidson
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