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Imagine! Health Care that Cares for You kick-off event

Imagine if the focus of the healthcare system was to actually...wait for it...CARE for you.

Health Care for All-WA is delighted to co-sponsor the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care’s new series titled Imagine: Health Care that Cares for You.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, June 24 at 12:00 Noon PDT when universal health care champion Michael Lighty will guide us in harnessing the power to picture life when we all enjoy the freedom to access great health care. Michael will be joined by Robert Davis, Dmin, MDiv and Stephany Rose Spaulding, Ph.D., as well as US Rep. Joe Neguse and others via video. 

Michael Lighty has organized, advocated and developed policy for Improved Medicare for All nationally and in California for 29 years. He served as health care constituency director for Bernie 2020 and is President of Healthy California Now, the single payer coalition of organizations representing 6 million Californians. He served as director of public policy for National Nurses United from 1994-2018 and as national director for Democratic Socialists of America in the 90s. He’s on the  Board of Directors of Peoples Action; Progressive Democrats of America; and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Freedom Center in Oakland, CA. Follow him on Twitter: @mlighty60

Imagine a spring where every child with a bee allergy has an Epipen because our shared health care system knows that’s absolutely the right thing for them to have.  Imagine a new health care reality, a new normal.  That’s how change begins.

Join the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care and 20 wonderful co-host partners and add YOUR creativity at our kick-off Imagine! event. Plan to add 1-2 phrases (max 50 words) about what true universal health would mean to you and our world in the chat when you jump onto Zoom.

Want to write a song, short story, or poem instead? Email [email protected] and share your vision of life with Health Care that Cares for YOU! CFUHC will put them into a blog after, as well as continue to use and share these inspiring messages. 

Bring a friend and share with your networks!  

Register here for Imagine: Health Care that Cares for You!

Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care alongside co-hosts:
Arvadans for Progressive Action
Colorado People’s Party
Colorado Working Families Party
Democratic Socialists of America Boulder
Democratic Socialists of America Denver
Democratic Socialists of America Fort Collins
Health Care for All Colorado
Health Care for All Washington
Health Care for All Fremont County
Our Revolution Metro Denver
Public Citizen’s Medicare for All Resolutions Team
Physicians for a National Health Program
Physicians for a National Health Program, Colorado Chapter
Physicians for a National Health Program, Vermont Chapter
Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center
Single Payer Action Network Ohio
Whole Washington
Young People’s Campaign for Universal Health Care

Thursday, June 24
12pm - 1pm