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January 2024: Participate in the 2024 Legislative Session


Health Care for All-WA's 2nd Wednesday Speaker Series of January 10, 2024, “PARTICIPATE IN THE 2024 LEGISLATIVE SESSION” is like a how-to manual for getting involved in the 2024 Legislative Session.

Some of the topics addressed:

  • HCFA-WA Legislative agenda for 2024
  • Sending a message to your elected official – Take Action Network
  • Recording your position on a bill to the Legislative Committee
  • Testifying in writing or as part of a hearing with the Legislative Committee

We presents details about legislation, how to personalize a statement, how to join the Take Action Network, how to participate in the process, and much, much more! Presenters included Lonnie Johns-Brown, Ron Lovell, Denny Dellwo, Marcia Stedman, Chelo Echeverria, Emil Chang, Cris Currie, Roger Gantz, Hal Stockbridge and Ronnie Shure.

You can find the Powerpoint presentation here.