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PNHP Webinar: Protecting children from the upcoming “Medicaid Unwinding”

During the official Covid-19 public health emergency, millions of children and families across the country benefitted from continuous enrollment in Medicaid.

This guarantee of coverage has now ended, and states are lining up to “unwind” Medicaid for as many as 12 million Americans.

PNHP is convening a panel of pediatrician leaders to talk about the implications of this Medicaid unwinding, what we can do to advocate for patients in the near term, and how we can push for the long-term solution of single-payer Medicare for All.

Speakers include Dr. Rhea Boyd, Dr. Marian Earls, Dr. Jane Oski, and PNHP president Dr. Phil Verhoef. Our panel will be moderated by PNHP national board member Dr. Sanjeev Sriram.

Register here.

Wednesday, June 21
7pm - 9pm
Zoom meeting room