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Join Us in Olympia for Poor People's Campaign Rallies


Much of what happens to hurt poor people happens in state capitols, not in the Congress. Healthcare is blocked in state capitols. Voting laws are written in state capitols. Denial of living wages happens in state capitols. Cutting money from public education happens in both federal and state, but so much of it happens at the state level -- Reverend Dr. William Barber

You may recognize rallying Mondays on the steps of the legislature as a signature tactic of Moral Mondays in North Carolina, created by Rev. Dr. William Barber, author of The Third Reconstruction (2016). He is a part of a national group reviving the Poor People’s Campaign begun by Dr. Martin Luther King 50 years ago but cut short by his assassination.

This spring from May 14 through June 23rd, we invite our supporters to don HCFA-WA t-shirts and join any or all weekly rallies:

MONDAYS - Poor People's Campaign Rallies - Olympia
(2 pm, State Capitol in Olympia) 

Week 2 - May 21:   Racism & Poverty
Week 3 - May 28:   Military Complex & Gun Violence 
Week 4 - June 4:  Environmental Degradation & Healthcare
                             >> If you can only attend one -- this would be the one!
Week 5 - June 11:   The Right to Live: Education, Living Wages, Jobs & Housing
Week 6 - June 12:   Moral Bankruptcy

Week 7- June 23:  Sunday - Global Day of Solidarity Mass Rally in Washington DC
                            -or- Streaming on your favorite device

Each week has a similar pattern: Monday rally in Olympia. Tuesday watch a live-streamed (and likely archived) presentation from the national leadership. Wednesday is set aside for local actions such as rallies at City Hall.

Here's an article reporting on the first rally in Olympia.

Follow and amplify the campaign: #PoorPeoplesCampaign

To keep updated, RSVP, or find events closer to you, go here.

We refuse to be silent as our elected leaders undermine access to the ballot box, destroy healthcare and the safety net, and deny living wages -- all while cutting taxes for the wealthy. -- Call for Action from the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Action.

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