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PSARA Webinar: We Can Reclaim Medicare From Greedy Profiteers

Featuring Dr. Ed Weisbart

Dr. Ed Weisbart is National Board Secretary and Missouri chapter chair at Physicians for a National Health Program

The effort to understand and reverse the corporate takeover of Medicare is critical to both present Medicare beneficiaries and all who look forward to  benefiting from Medicare in the future.

Insurers have figured out how to funnel staggering sums of money into their own pockets by misusing and abusing the Medicare system, callously delaying, and denying the life-saving healthcare Medicare beneficiaries need and deserve.

And it’s about to ramp up again. Our TVs are already getting inundated with the deceptively misnamed “Medicare Advantage”; it’s not really Medicare, and the “advantages” mainly go to the insurance corporations’ bottom lines.

Just in time for Open Enrollment, the webinar will address how we can get our hands around this needlessly complex mess and make the best decisions for ourselves and our families as we unite to preserve and expand our public Medicare.

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Wednesday, September 13
5pm - 6pm
Zoom Meeting Room