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HCFA-WA Outreach Co-Chair Ruth Knagenhjelm's Letter to the Editor

In response to the recent school-bus driver's strike in Seattle, our Outreach Committee co-chair Ruth Knagenhjelm wrote to the Seattle Times to offer a complete solution: universal healthcare. The entirety of her letter is below.

"Seattle school-bus drivers who went on a one-day strike Wednesday want and deserve more affordable health care. The longterm solution to this problem is already in bills in the state Legislature — a Washington Public Universal Coverage bill, called the Washington Health Security Trust.

House Bill 1026 and Senate Bill 5701 can be voted into law if our lawmakers are serious about affordable health coverage for all.

This is the time to contact your legislators and urge them to pass these bills next legislative session."

 Ready for single payer? You can find your legislator here.

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