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State Candidate Survey Comments LDs, 1-25

WA Legislative Candidate
Top Three Priorities & Comments

Legislative Districts 1-25

Comments are as received without edits.

Legislative District 1

Derek Stanford State Rep. Pos. 1
Top Three Legislative Priorities:  Civil rights, Education, Transportation

Comments: N/A

Debra Blodgett State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities: Transportation and resolving the horrific traffic congestion, reform our education system, safe communities solving the opioid crisis with rehabilitation instead of enablement.

Comments: N/A

Shelly Kloba, State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities:
Improving our education system
Increasing access to healthcare
Creating more capacity at our law enforcement academy to meet the demand for officers in our communities

Comments: The question I left blank was because it was too ambiguous. 

Legislative District 2

Anneliese Feld, State Rep. Pos. 1 
Top Three Legislative Priorities: Healthcare access (physical, mental, and prescription drug access), education, and safety in our communities.

Comments: It is hard to list issues in order of importance when so many issues are intertwined. I for one do not believe many of these issues can be solved alone, but that we must address societal issues in a holistic manner. A homeless or hungry child will not perform well in school until their basic needs are met. Similarly, someone dealing with chronic health issues may have a hard time staying employed unless they have consistent high-quality care. We do a disservice to all when trying to address each issue separately; homelessness, drug addiction, health care, eduction attainment, these issues all intersect. 

Legislative District 3

Timm Ormsby, State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities:
Revenue reform
Health care
Mental health & substance abuse

Comments: WA state has the worst tax structure in the nation. If we are going to address the true cost of providing critical government services we need a more adequate, stable and sustainable revenue system.  I support a capital gains tax.

I believe health care is a right. I support a universal Medicare model. Short of an unlikely move at the federal level, WA State can do more to provide increased access and prescription drug relief for our residents.

The scourge of mental health and substance use disorder is ravaging lives, families and the state budget. On mental health we need to settle the federal competency lawsuit and transition folks in state hospitals to community based care whenever appropriate. For substance abuse, treatment over incarceration is a smarter, more effective and less costly policy.

Legislative District 4

Ted Cummings, State Rep. Pos. 1
Top Three Legislative Priorities: Supporting jobs with living wages and benefits, Investing in trade schools, apprenticeship programs and education, Investing in Infrastructure projects.

Comments: N/A

Mary May, State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities:

1. HEALTHCARE: Healthcare that is affordable, and lower prescription drug costs, so that no one has to choose between the healthcare and medication they need, or putting food on their table.

2. EDUCATION: Public schools that prepare our children for success, and support our educators. More access to vocational and technical training, as well as apprenticeship programs. Affordable secondary education, including college and vocational training, without crippling student loan debt.

3. INFRASTRUCTURE: Safe, well-maintained roads and infrastructure receiving fair funding so that we can get to work on time, and get our kids to school safely.

Comments: I am in favor of healthcare for all. If it can't happen at a federal level yet, I would like to make improvements at a state level to help make healthcare more affordable and universal, lower prescription drug costs, and protect people with pre-existing conditions.I am in favor of healthcare for all. If it can't happen at a federal level yet, I would like to make improvements at a state level to help make healthcare more affordable and universal, lower prescription drug costs, and protect people with pre-existing conditions.

Legislative District 5

No candidates responded to this survey.

Legislative District 6

Jessa Lewis, State Senator
Top three legislative issues:
Healthcare, education, economy

Comments: Fixing our broken healthcare system has to be the number one legislative priority in Olympia next session as working families will not be able to absorb another 17% increase in insurance costs. Anyone who won’t come to the table doesn’t deserve a seat on the House or Senate floors.

Kay Murano, State Rep. Pos. 1
Top Three Legislative Priorities:

Comments: Thank you for the work you are doing on getting affordable healthcare in WA. I hoped it would succeed in 2018. I would be honored to be part of getting it passed in 2019.

Dave Wilson, State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities:
1. Education - We need to build on recent legislative successes to stabilize the K-12 budget while turning our attention to increasing access to pre-K and post-secondary education.
2. Healthcare for All - Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. I am determined to ensure every Washington resident has access to high-quality, affordable healthcare.
3. Jobs and Economic Development - Our state's economy is on the upswing, but many working folks are not sharing in that success. I want to foster an economy that creates high-paying jobs without leaving anyone behind.

Comments: If I am elected, providing quality, affordable healthcare for every Washington resident will be one of my top priorities. While federal healthcare policy remains chaotic and uncertain, it is even more essential that our state government steps up to stabilize the healthcare market and provide peace of mind for patients and healthcare professionals. I look forward to working with all stakeholders, including patients and patient advocates, to craft policy that will ensure everyone is able to get the health care they need regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Legislative District 7

Karen Hardy, State Senator
Top three legislative issues: Economy, Healthcare, Environment

Comments: We need a stable healthcare market in order to promote economic growth and create a prosperous district and State

Randall 'Randy' Michaelis, State Rep. Pos. 1
Top three legislative issues:
1. Education
2. Health Care (including mental health)
3. Economy

Mike Bell, State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities:
1) Preserve and improve healthcare for all residents especially in rural areas.
2) State tax reform. We have the most regressive tax system in the country. Eliminate all corporate tax breaks that did not accomplish what they promised as far as job creation.
3) provide sufficient funding to education (K-12, higher ed, trade apprenticeship programs) guarantee a high quality education for our children and grandchildren.

Comments: I worked for 40 years as a CPA in the healthcare industry and totally support universal healthcare of some kind. Access to healthcare is a fundamental right that is guaranteed to all residents of this country. We have by far the most expensive healthcare system of any developed country in the world and one of the least effective. Universal healthcare would allow us to bring down the cost and improve the quality. What is not to like unless you own stock in a health insurance company.

Legislative District 8

Shir Regev, State Rep. Pos. 1
Top Three Legislative Priorities:
Equal rights/human rights
Affordable housing

Matt Boehnke, State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities: Education, Energy, and Economy

Comments: Thanks for the opportunity. I am open for further discussions on these issues and others. Healthcare is a very complicated issue and should be discussed more than a Yes/No response. Please review my website at I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Christopher Tracy, State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities: Education, Transportation, Health Care

Comments: A single payer system within a state is very hard to successfully launch, since so many people subscribing to health insurance would be exempted DUE to federal regulations. For example, the large number of people covered in SELF INSURED plans would be exempted: Microsoft, unions, even the state employees belonging to a self-insured plans (Uniform) would be exempted, as well as Medicare enrollees - as those plans are primarily governed by federal regulations, not state regulations. The major impact is that the state pool of insurance subscribers left is likely impacted by adverse selection, which can/will drive premiums up and up. Vermont tried a single payer system with limited success. So until the federal government takes they lead with single payer - or Medicare For All - our state needs to do its best to try to expand access and keep costs down and I will be a strong advocate, but I don't think it is practical for a state to get into the single payer business, due to the conflict with federal regulations that would impact negatively the state pool of enrollees.


Legislative District 9

Jenn Goulet, State Rep. Pos. 1
Top Three Legislative Priorities:
1.Access to clean water
2. Expanding educational opportunities
3. Fixing eastern Washington's broken infrastructure

Comments: N/A

Matthew Sutherland, State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities:

Affordable and Accessible Healthcare, Fully-Funding our Education System, and bringing family-wage jobs and economic growth (capital projects, PLA's) to Eastern Washington.


Legislative District 10

Scott McMullen, State Rep. Pos. 1 
Top Three Legislative Priorities: Education, health care, Public safety

Comments: N/A

Dave Paul, State Rep, Pos. 2
Top Three  Legislative Priorities:Education, living-wage jobs, and the environment.

Comments: Mental and behavioral health is also one of my most important priorities.

Legislative District 11

No candidates responded to this survey.

Legislative District 12

No victorious candidates responded to this survey.

Legislative District 13

No candidates responded to this survey.

Legislative District 14

Sasha Bentley, State Rep. Pos. 1

Top Three Legislative Priorities:
1. Healthcare
2. Housing
3. Education

Bring healthcare coverage, providers and specialists, and choices to all Washington residents. Address medical debt
Support programs to reduce prescription and other costs
Eliminate food insecurity
Expand at-home care programs and assisted living options
Protect women's health care and family planning programs
Mental healthcare: support existing prevention organizations and ongoing support services, more counselors in schools, eliminate stigma, prioritize suicide prevention
Drugs: Stop deaths, treat the addicted, address contributing factors and remove stigma of help. Promote use of best practices regarding prescribing, safe storage, and appropriate disposal

Improve permitting and zoning to grow supply via private construction
Develop innovative strategies to serve special populations such as seniors, lower income families, and the homeless
Remove barriers to home ownership
Invest in housing trusts and build thousands of affordable homes
Grow home rehab loan program for low income households in rural areas
Support our foster families and children

Invest in pre-k, community colleges, technical schools, vocational training, and after school and summer programs
Fully fund education with a sustainable finance plan and create innovative learning programs in civic engagement, cultural studies, critical thinking, life skills and more
Increase educator pay, provide professional development training and support
Support libraries as centers of literacy, technical training, civic involvement, and community education

Comments: See previous question.

Liz Hallock , State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities:
1. Early childhood education; eliminating the gender wage gap.

2. Affordable healthcare for our rural district. I will not support any single payer program that doesn't include private options & unfairly penalizes small business in my district, as HB 1026 appears to ask all employers to pay for healthcare. I support a single payer program that negotiates lower rates and lowers costs for all by promoting preventative medicine. I see single-payer as an economically efficient and cost-saving solution that let's doctors be doctors and not beholden to big Pharma and for-profit insurance. However, we must end the segregation of the poor in healthcare; HB 1026 seems to expand a system that segregates the poor and penalizes the middle-class.

3. Affordable housing through economic incentives and policy changes that promote sensible, multi-family development. Root out REITs and housing speculation.

Comments: I'm a business owner. My parents were business owners (physicians). I support single-payer for all with private options to reduce quotas. Access to healthcare and preventative medicine will lower all of our insurance costs. People often ask, who will pay for healthcare for all? Right now, not enough people participate in the ACA. Rates are being negotiated by those whom stand to profit. The costs for all of us will be less with single-payer. I do not take corporate or PAC donations. I will listen to science & economists on this issue. I serve my constituents, not for-profit insurance or pharmaceutical companies.

Legislative District 15

Evangelina "Bengie" Aguilar, State Senator
Top Three Legislative Priorities: Affordable Access to Quality Health Care, Local Economic Growth & Stability, Immigration Reform

Comments: N/A

Jack McEntire, State Rep. Pos. 1
Top Three Legislative Priorities: Affordable Higher Ed options (including vocational school), affordable health care coverage for all, worker's rights


Our children are the future but the world they inherit is the one we leave them with. For years we’ve had no real choice for our representatives. It’s been the same faces, the same stale ideas. They’ve said: “If the rich get richer, so will the rest of us.” This isn’t reality.

We need to teach our children practical skills. Higher Education, including vocational school, should be based on merit, not on ability to pay. Everyone deserves affordable health care coverage. Science and compromise are equally required. Investing in the future is the best way to change it.

AJ Cooper, State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities: Environmental Protection, Economic Vitality, Quality Low-Income Housing Options

Comments: N/A

Legislative District 16

Everett Maroon, State Rep. Pos. 1
Top Three Legislative Priorities: Check out for my position statements, I’m prioritizing single payer healthcare and opioid crisis response as my campaign issues. I work in public health and am a policy analyst. I’d love to talk more with your team!

Rebecca Francik, State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities:
While there are a number of issues I would like to tackle during my time in office, education, healthcare, and infrastructure are my top priorities.

Education. Education is the paramount responsibility of the state, and the single best return on our tax dollars. Meeting minimum funding requirements for education is not enough, we can and we must do better. As an educator I know what it takes to provide children and schools with the resources they need to get ahead. When elected, ensuring quality education will be my top priority.

Health care and housing. Our current health systems are inaccessible for many. This deficiency is costing taxpayers much more in the long run than a properly managed and funded healthcare system. Jails and local safety officials are being asked to serve the needs of the mentally ill without the training to do so, children with family members in crisis, or whose families are homeless are unable to take full advantage of public schools. I will fight for needed services to help people regain self-sufficiency.

Local Infrastructure. Cities and counties are charged with providing basic services to our taxpayers but the state is removing financial support while passing unfunded mandates on to local entities. I’ll make sure our buildings and roads get reliable, adequate revenue for the maintenance, repair and replacement they need.

Gun violence prevention and safety are causes very close to my heart. But I believe that we can tackle those issues from their roots with the ones I mentioned above. There is no strategy more foolproof than education for gun violence prevention. As for health care, no one sees the effects of gun violence more than those in the health care system, but improving access to mental health care resources and family counseling is critical to prevention. Finally, we need to not only improve access to other areas of the state with our infrastructure but work to tear down the walls built by systematic racism and redlining.

Gun violence prevention is something that I want to establish as a principal issue in our state, but we need to start from the ground up.


As a mother, educator, and former Pasco City Council member, caring for others is who I am. When I turn on the news, I am motivated to keep moving forward because Washington needs legislators who will fight for the lives of the people they represent.


Legislative District 17

Tanisha Harris, State Rep. Pos. 1
Top Three Legislative Priorities: Education, Transportation & Infrastructure and Social Services

Comments: I believe that Healthcare is a right not a privilege. As a Legislator I would support efforts and legislation to strengthen and defend the Affordable Care Act’s healthcare coverage, work to ensure everyone has coverage and address health equity in our urban and rural communities.

Damion Jiles, State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities:

  • Healthcare -- Nobody should have to make a decision on if they should buy tuna or insulin. I believe that healthcare is a no brainer and I am willing to work to bring a statewide solution so that no man, woman nor child has to go without healthcare coverage.

  • Education -- Students should only have to go to school and learn. Teachers should be provided with the resources to be successful. Students, teachers and faculty should be safe in their environments. If elected, I will work to ensure that schools are fully funded so that teachers can do their jobs and students are not short changed. I would also work to ensure school safety and security. I don't feel that schools should be fortified like a prison or military installation, but I do feel that schools can benefit from security improvements. No child should ever have to go to school and be concerned about their safety, as their focus should solely be on learning.

  • Infrastructure -- In SW WA, we have identified a need to repair or replace the I -- 5 Bridge. As a pragmatist, I would take a common-sense approach in developing a solution. I don't see this as an issue that should have been on the table this long. I don't know that tolls or taxation is the answer, but I do know that I am willing to work for the best solution possible. Also, a tie-in to education; I would work to see a pathway from schools to the trades industry. The jobs are already in place. The problem is, there is not enough trained personnel to fill the positions. I would work to institute a pathway to parallels the Running Start program that provides high school graduates a pathway to success in the trades industry because college is not the only way to obtain a successful career.

    Comments: N/A

Legislative District 18

Chris Thobaben, State Rep. Pos. 1
Top Three Legislative Priorities: Education, economic innovation support, jobs that produce family and living wages.

Kathy Gillespie, State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities:
Public Education preK-college and job training including skilled apprencticeships
Infrastructure development leading to improved economic environment and job growth
Safe and affordable communities populated with citizens healthy in mind and body

[No Comments.]

Legislative District 19

Erin Frasier, State Rep. Pos. 1
Top Three Legislative Priorities:
Invest in local schools and career training
Improve access to quality healthcare
Defend workers’ rights

The district I hope to represent has large rural pockets that face healthcare access beyond affordability. The availability of providers and the hours of operation of facilities are also primary concerns for healthcare access that I will be greatly focused on as a State Representative.

Legislative District 20

John Thompson, State Rep. Pos. 1

Top Three Legislative Priorities:
1. Education with adding Apprenticeship or Pre-Apprenticeship into High Schools.
2. Funding of the States Infrastructure.
3. Health Care for all.

[No Comments.]

Legislative District 21

Strom Peterson, State Rep. Pos. 1
Top Three Legislative Priorities:
Opioid epidemic, Environment (water), Dept of Corrections reform

Lillian Ortiz-Self, State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities:
Increasing jobs/economy
The Needs of our most vulnerable

Comments: Health care should not be a privilege for some but a right for all.

Legislative District 22

Laurie Dolan, State Rep. Pos. 1
Top Three Legislative Priorities: K-12 Funding, Capital Gains, Climate Change

Comments: N/A

Beth Doglio, State Rep. Pos. 2
Top Three Legislative Priorities:
Social Saftey Net (including universal healthcare, housing, pay inequity and more)
Women's issues

[No Comments.]

Legislative District 23

Sherry Appleton, State Rep. Pos. 1
Top Three Legislative Priorities:
Criminal Justice Reform, Budget and tax issues, and Education; Higher Ed and PK thru 12

Legislative District 24

No candidates responded to this survey.

Legislative District 25

Jamie Smith, State Rep. Pos. 1
Top Three Legislative Priorities:

Education, homelessness, and transportation are currently top issues within my district. As a teacher I have taught classes of 42 and 22 and can tell you that classes of 22 get more done, had higher grades, and worked together better. My district is currently running secondary numbers starting at 38 students per class. Large class sizes are detrimental to student success and we must work to lower class sizes across all grades. I also have more students in crises this year than ever before and the local police agree that the number is going up. While the legislature funds 1 counselor for every 250 students our school of 1800 only has 4 and a local elementary school has almost 1000 students and only 1 counselor. If she was to see every child for only 15 minutes each she would not end up seeing the same student twice in a year. We must do better and make sure the funding goes to the students.

Homelessness is on the rise and I have had multiple students that were living with their families in hotels or out of their cars. There are growing numbers of homeless due to lack of affordable housing, mental health issues, and addictions. This issue is not going away and we can not just do stop-gap measures, but must plan for long term solutions. We must look into areas that we already have resources and find ways to use them. For instance the Rainier School in Buckly is made for developmental disabilities and for 1400 beds, but only uses 300. If we could turn it into a mixed use facility to be a 90 day rehabilitation center it already has medical and job skills and could have 1000 beds to help people get cleaned up, job skills, and reconnected with the community. It would also provide a significant number of local jobs.

The transportation issues in the area are significant and getting worse. We have a lack of public transportation in areas that need it the most, the congestion is bad for our environment and people's physically health, and it takes precious time away from family and friends. We must look into plans to work now, or instance more rapid buses so people can park in Graham and take the bus to the sounder in Puyallup would take 20-40 cars off the road for every bus in the morning and evening. We must also complete 167 sooner than they have as it will reduce the time to transport from the port and get semis can cars through quicker helping reduce congestion and costs in shipping.

Comments: I am running for the legislature because our state faces many tough choices. Our schools desperately need support to provide the best education to our children. Wages have not kept up with inflation and we need more living wage jobs. Small businesses need support to compete in the 21st century economy. We must take action to protect our environment from the ravages of climate change. We must make sure every resident has access to healthcare and turn to healthcare for all, for a family member should never have to choose between taking their child to the doctor or feed them. I want to advocate for the people of our community. We need leaders who care about our needs. I am the advocate who will make sure every child in our state gets a high quality education. I will fight for workers and help Washington grow.