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Universal Health Care Rally

Rally for Universal Health Care  - Celebrating legislative victories

North Capitol Steps, Olympia, WA
Wednesday, March 6, 11 AM - 1 PM        

A groundbreaking event!

This is the first time that a wide array of organizations have rallied to call for universal health care.

Health Care for All-Washington, Health Care Is a Human Right WA, Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action, Whole Washington and many others are joining together to celebrate legislative victories that move our state toward a universal health care system that is affordable, equitable, and accessible to all Washington residents. Please see below for the current list of sponsoring organizations. 

On this next to last day of the legislative session, we will also advocate for pending bills and call out obstacles to further progress. This rally is a step towards building grassroots awareness of our state-wide movement for universal health care.  

Who is speaking: 

Invited speakers include legislators and representatives of labor organizations, women’s rights groups, civil rights organizations, immigrant and refugee organizations, faith communities, community health boards, Democratic LD organizations, medical students, healthcare professionals, and legal advocacy groups.

 The eyes of the nation are on Washington State as we take the lead in legislation, commissions, and boards to directly impact access to and the price of health care for all Washingtonians. In 2024, we have advanced legislation for affordable, high-quality, universal health care and for regulation to address the takeover of our hospitals and clinics by profit-driven entities. 

  • Sen. Hasegawa will speak about SJM 8006 calling on the federal government to create a universal health care system or provide federal support to establish a single-payer health care system in Washington. 
  • Sen. Kuderer will speak on her bill SB 5213 regulating Pharmacy Benefit Managers, the hidden middlemen that control the price of drugs and the public’s access to their medications.  
  • We are waiting for confirmation from AG Ferguson or his representative to share their victory in the lawsuit charging Providence with the violation of the state’s charity care law. The lawsuit, the largest resolution of its kind in the country, requires the Providence healthcare system to pay $157.8 million to its patients.
  • A representative of the Keep Our Care Act coalition will speak to how SB 5241 puts guardrails around the rapid and alarming rate of consolidation of health care facilities and protects healthcare services legally guaranteed in our state (abortion, end of life, gender affirming, emergency and charity care). 
  • Leaders in the universal health care movement will talk about solutions to our broken health care system: the Universal Health Care Commission, the Washington Health Trust and fighting against the total privatization of Medicare.


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Calls to Action 

We are calling on everyone who is fed up with our broken health care system to take the following actions:

  • Advocate for important bills not yet passed before the March 7 close of the 2024 Legislative Session  
  • Share your personal health care story
  • Write a postcard to your legislators with your reasons for supporting universal health care
  • Attend meetings and provide public comments to the Universal Health Care Commission and its Finance Technical Advisory Committee.

We will be live streaming the rally, with puppets by the Backbone Campaign and live music!

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Wednesday, March 06
11am - 1pm
North steps, Capitol building
416 Sid Snyder Ave SW
Olympia, WA 98504
United States
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