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HCFA-WA 2018 Voter's Guide: What You Can Do Now

OK, So You've Voted. Now What?

Voting is the first step. Now we have to demand that the politicians represent the will of the people. Candidates are never more attentive to their constituents than when they're out hunting for votes. So let's take advantage of their attention and be Loud and Proud in our support for single-payer health care. 

Let's work the information we gleaned from the candidates that can be found in the HCFA-WA 2018 Voter's Guide to garner more support for universal health care coverage in our state and at the national level.
1. THANK - Our supporters and allies appreciate the support for their positions. If your candidates are sponsoring and voting in favor of the bills, thank them for their support. Let them know you are looking for their active support. Go here for contact info,
2. KIND, BUT FIRM PRESSURE - Didn't care for a candidate's response? Go here to contact their campaign and give them a call, or ask them about it in person at a campaign event. Specifically, for....

State Legislative Candidates: Ask them to Co-Sponsor upcoming Bill similar to HB 1026 - Washington Health Security Trust

US Senate Candidates: Ask them to Co-Sponsor SB 1804 - Medicare for All (Sanders)

US House Candidates: Ask them to Co-Sponsor HR 6097 State-Based Universal Care Act (Jayapal) and HR 676, the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act (Ellison). Also, ask them to participate in the newly formed Medicare for All Caucus.

Keep these 12 Reasons to Support the WHST handy for educating and persuading. 

3. REPORT BACK -  Let us know how it goes at [email protected]. We are especially interested in learning how candidates are willing to help, or any concerns so we can refine our discussions with the candidates.

4. ACTIVATE CONSTITUENTS  - Please ask your friends and family who support universal health care coverage across Washington state to call their candidates. When someone complains about health care, invite them to join you making a difference and building a movement.

Let's make sure candidates know that universal health care coverage is THE issue in our 2018 elections.

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