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We want healthy school bus drivers driving our kids to school!


School Bus Drivers in Seattle are on strike for health care. It’s a no brainer: if we had single payer in our state, there would be no need to strike over health care coverage. The School Bus Drivers would be able to get the health care they need for themselves and their families. What would it mean if we could take health care off the bargaining table? Call First Student Bus Company at (206) 763-2222 and let them know unaffordable healthcare coverage is as good as having no healthcare coverage at all.

Please join us in Solidarity with Teamsters Local 174 by signing up to walk the picket line.

And signing up to drop off food, snacks and give gift cards.

This strike over healthcare galvanizes our commitment to securing universal health care coverage in Washington State. Thanks for your support!

See also: HCFA-WA Outreach Co-Chair Ruth Knagenhjelm's Letter to the Editor in the Seattle Times regarding the strike.

Photo Credit: Airman 1st Class Kathleen D. Bryant


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