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July 2018 e.Bulletin: Summer Gala & Auction! Make Health Care the Top Issue this Election & more

Representatives Smith & Jayapal to Join Us for a Night of Health Care Activism, Auction, Art & Music!

New Speakers! In addition to the incredible line up we announced last month, we are honored to have longtime endorser US Representatives Adam Smith and Pramila Jayapal, prime sponsor of the HR 6097 - State-Based Universal Care Act and José La Luz, union leader and activist who was so inspirational at the National Single Payer Conference.
Buy tickets for the Saturday, July 28th event here.
Can't go? Donate or send someone in your stead.

If you're interested in volunteering at the event, please sign up here.
Donations Include:
San Miguel De Allende Vacation Home (1st picture) | Football Signed by Seattle Seahawk Tyler Locket | Commissioned Portrait by Artist Rae Senarighi (2nd picture) | Artist Orion Miscigiana | Signed Pearl Jam Poster (3rd) | Full Tilt Ice Cream Birthday Party | Marijuana Industry Tour (4th picture)  | Neko Case Tickets | Two Nights at a Ballard Condo & more!
Thanks to our Sponsors: Washington State Labor Council, Greenworks Cannabis, and Conduit Coffee Company.
Photo Credit: Rae Senarighi Still from Netflix + GLADD documentary: First Time I Saw Me

Health Care is the Real Issue in the 2018 Elections!

Every candidate is talking about universal health care this year.

Let's talk to every candidate for state office this year to make sure they are ready to approve our bill for universal healthcare for everyone in Washington state.

To make sure that all candidates know about this, we asked each candidate to answer a survey. We will publish the candidates' responses in time for primary elections on August 7th.

Watch for the results of our survey. Go and meet with candidates. Please share their response with us at [email protected].

Let's make it the real issue in our 2018 elections! Details here.

Breaking News -  Rep. Jayapal announced Medicare for All Congressional Caucus Today!

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA-CD 7) announced on Facebook Live this morning that a Medicare for All Caucus has launched with over 66 members. This is a historic moment. Please call her at (203) 225-3106 and thank her for leadership. If you live in a different CD, please call your Representative at (202) 224-3121 and ask them to 1) Co-Sponsor HR 676 and HR 6097, the State-Based  Care Act, and 2) Join the Medicare for All Caucus!

Or, thank her in person at our Gala on July 28th!

A caucus is another sign of engaged support for Medicare for All. Congress members need to advocate for the bill actively, on the Hill and off, and take the lead in educating the public.

President's Message: The I-1600 Campaign

We understand that over 100,000 Washington voters signed the petition for I-1600, indicating their support for placing this path to universal health care on the 2018 Washington State ballot. That is no small feat. Unfortunately, it was not enough to qualify for the ballot this year. However, this rapid mobilization effort produced more than 800 volunteers, businesses that supported the effort, and a significant network of organizations willing to mobilize their members to volunteer.

Health Care for All-Washington is more committed than ever to accomplishing universal access to health care for all Washington residents. We know that if our bills are going to progress in the 2019 legislative session, we will need allies we can count on across the state. We welcome any and all persons with a sincere desire to join us in this crucial work. -- Marcia Stedman, HCFA-WA President

Healthcare News You Can Use

Holey Safety Net! The health insurance we rely on is a safety net full of holes. Read these questions submitted to Kaiser Health News’ Michelle Andrews to see how easy it is to fall through those holes.

The healthcare insecurity we currently live with will continue until we are all covered by one plan.

Washington State Rolls Out Price Comparison Tool. Articles are beginning to come out about the new tool HealthCareCompare. This article from the Longview Daily News reports a difference of $5,000 to $10,000 for knee replacement surgery in Southwest Washington depending on the hospital.

Get mad and then get involved and build the movement to achieve a sustainable solution. We can't shop our way of this!

2018 National Single Payer Strategy Conference. Several of us from HCFA-WA attended the galvanizing conference in Minneapolis at the end of June. Read Mark Dudzic's recap here.

Upcoming Events

Fri, July 20 


Primary Election begins - Washington State
(Ballots due Tuesday, August 7)

 Mon, July 23


HCFA-WA Voters Guide to the 2018 Primary Election - Washington State
Visit the HCFA-WA Website: 

Your go-to website to learn where your candidates stand on delivering universal health care nationally and statewide.

Sat, July 28


HCFA-WA Summer Gala! - Seattle
(Doors open at 6:30, Event begins 7:00 - 10:00 pm, 415 Westlake, 415 Westlake Ave N.)

Buy tickets here.

Tues,  Aug 7  

Tues,  Aug  15



Physicians for a National Health Program - Western Washington - Seattle
(Swedish/Cherry Hill Campus, SECC Room A)

Monthly Meeting with Lea Ann Miyagawa, MN, RN, Director of Community House Calls/Interpreter Services at Harborview Medical Center and others from the program describe their experience working with the underserved.


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