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November 2019 e.Bulletin

Big news in this eBulletin: Rep. Ro Khanna Introduces HR 5010, The State-Based Universal Health Care Act!

An Important Development for Our Movement: Rep. Ro Khanna Introduces HR 5010, The State-Based Universal Health Care Act

Original Co-Signers include Reps. Pramila Jayapal and Adam Smith 

HR 5010 "The State-Based Universal Health Care Act (SBUHC) of 2019  is a landmark step toward empowering states to expand health coverage to every resident. Recognizing the unique position of American states to lead the push for universal health care, Rep. Ro Khanna's bill provides states with historic access to federal funding streams and regulatory flexibility necessary to implement and support affordable, universal health care plans."

Health Care for All - WA, One Payer States, and Health Care is a Human Right - WA are proud to have helped shepherd HR 5010 for consideration by the 116th Congress.

We are delighted that it has 15 original co-sponsors, including Reps. Pramila Jayapal (WA-07) and Adam Smith (WA-09) from Washington state, as well as many Progressive leaders: Rep. Blumenauer (OR-03), Rep. Bonamici (OR-01), Rep. DeFazio (OR-4), Rep. Garcia (IL-04), Rep. Grijalva (AZ-03), Rep. Lee (CA-13), Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14), Rep. Omar (MN-05), Rep. Pocan (WI-02), Rep. Pressley (MA-07) Rep. Raskin (MD-08), Rep. Schakowsky (IL-09), and Rep. Watson Coleman (NJ-12).

Our task now is to garner support for the bill, starting in our state. Every chance we get, we need to be asking Rep. Suzan DelBene (CD-1), Denny Heck (CD-10), Derek Kilmer (CD-6), Rick Larsen (CD-2), and Kim Schrier (CD-8) to sign on to the bill and to support HR 5010.

The Press Release from Rep. Ro Khanna's office announcing the introduction of the bill included remarks from HCFA-WA representatives:

"Health Care for All-Washington salutes Rep. Khanna and his staff for their work on this important legislation that will ensure Washington state can achieve the innovative healthcare system that a solid majority of our state's residents need, want and deserve. Thank you!" Marcia Stedman, Health Care for All-Washington and Health Care is a Human Right-Washington.

"Rep. Khanna's State-Based Universal Care Act of 2019 is vital to getting state legislators to embrace state-based single-payer health care plans. Legislators need to be reassured that the federal waiver process will be streamlined and that federal health care funds will be available for state-based plans," said Kelly Powers, Health Care for All -- Washington.

As David Loud, Puget Sound Advocates for Retired Action (PSARA), and Health Care is a Human Right-WA explains, "Rep. Khanna's State-Based Universal Health Care Act of 2019 is an important asset to the movement for a universal national health plan and Medicare for All. There is strong movement in a number of states to achieve universal and affordable health care at the state level. As we work towards Medicare for All, the SBUHC Act will enable some states to transition to universal, single-payer systems that can serve as models for national Medicare for All. This will build our national movement and will help us win concrete victories along the way."

THANK YOU to all HCFA-WA supporters who wrote Rep. Khanna earlier this summer, encouraging him to introduce the bill this fall.

Can't make it?

Mai Linh Thai's Health Care Town Hall

Representative Mai-Linh Thai, elected in 2018, held a Health Care Town Hall in her 41st state Legislative District on November 5th. Rep. Thai is a supporter of a single-payer Universal Health Care system in Washington state and will be an important ally on the Health Care & Wellness Committee. We learned that she will be tasked with highlighting racial health care inequities in Washington state and helping the committee focus on providing better health care to all Washington residents.

Thank you to all our LD-41 supporters who responded to our Action Alert to turn out for Rep. Thai's Town Hall and thank you to Rep. Thai for holding a Town Hall in her district.

Trump's Ghoulish Attacks on Medicare & Medicare for All

Trump’s most recent Executive Order on Protecting and Improving Medicare for Our Nation’s Seniors is the worst kind of evil: the evil you don’t see coming. Disguised as an effort to “save Medicare,” it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is a giveaway to corporate insurers who sell Medicare Advantage plans.

HCFA-WA's Sarah K. Weinberg, MD does not mince words in her review of the Executive Order. She writes:

This entire Executive Order should be viewed as an attack on Medicare for All proposed legislation and is designed to sow confusion and distrust regarding the classic Medicare program that has been in effect for over 50 years.

Read all about it here.

Health Care in the News

Medicare for All Would Cut Taxes for Most Americans. As we gather for Thanksgiving, we will have opportunities to help people identify and fend off the propaganda and attacks from the formidable opposition to Medicare for All and single-payer from the health care industry and its Republican and Democratic allies.

One of the favorite attacks is "Your taxes will go up. It will cost you more." In this article, two economists argue the opposite:

Not only would universal healthcare reduce taxes for most people, but it would also lead to the biggest take-home pay raise in a generation for most workers.

Soaring Insurance Deductibles Lead to Aggressive Collections. Just because you have health insurance does not mean you are protected from financial ruin! "From Delaware to Oregon, hospitals across the country are increasingly suing patients for unpaid bills, a step many institutions were long unwilling to take." Read all about this attack on the middle-class in this NY Times frontpage story.

Upcoming Events

Sat, Nov.16


HCFA-WA Annual Meeting, Seattle
1-4 PM, Horizon House, Anderson Hall, 900 University St, Doors open at 12:30 for Registration

A panel will discuss overcoming the hurdles raised in the two Washington State Institute of Public Policy reports on "Single-Payer and Universal Health Care Systems," and will fill in some information that wasn't presented in the reports. This is vital information for understanding the deliberations of the Universal Health Care Work Group.

RSVP and then add this meeting to your Google Calendar.

Wed, Nov. 20


Physicians for a National Health Program -Western WA Monthly Meeting
7:30 PM, Seattle Swedish/Cherry Hill, SECC, Rm C.

Reports from the Portland Single-Payer Strategy Conference and the PNHP National Annual Meeting.

Wed, Nov. 20


Fifth 2020 Democratic Primary Debate, Atlanta
6 PM Pacific Time

You can watch it on MSNBC, and at and

Thurs, Nov. 21


 Health Care is a Human Right -WA General Meeting, Seattle
6-7:30 pm, Washington State Labor Council, 321 16th Ave S

We will hear reports on the Universal Health Care Work Group, the National Single-Payer Strategy Conference, a new initiative for racial equity in health care, and the SEIU contract bargaining with Swedish-Providence, and more.

RSVP and add this meeting to your Google Calendar.

Mon, Dec. 9


Universal Health Care Work Group Meeting #2, Olympia
1 -5 pm, Location TBD

There will be 15 minutes for public comment at the meeting, and online public comments are accepted for several days following the meeting.

Add this meeting to Google Calendar.

Fri, Dec 20


Sixth 2020 Democratic Primary Debate, Los Angeles
Pacific Time TBD

Hosted by PBS News Hour and Politico.

Mon, Jan 13


First Day of Session, Washington State Legislature, Olympia.

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