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Spring 2019 Report

by Marcia Stedman, President


SB 5822 - Pathway to Universal Health Care
HCFA-WA and allied organizations testified at public hearings in all relevant committees, leading to inclusion of most of our suggested amendments and passage by the full Senate. The bill was not brought to the House floor for a vote, despite bi-partisan support in both the Health Care and Appropriations Committees. However, funding for the Work Group including the necessary actuarial and financial studies is included in the 2020 budget, and work continues with the Governor's office to issue an additional Executive Order for the Work Group. We will be keeping a close eye on the formation of the Work Group, as well as on the work itself.

HB 1523 - Governor’s “Public Option” bill
HCFA-WA testified at public hearings in all relevant committees but our amendment to include a “true public option” was notadopted. Different versions passed each chamber and were reconciled in Conference. It was signed by Gov. Inslee 5/13/19.

Multiple contacts with legislators and staff
• before and during session
• scheduled and spur-of-the-moment
• together with supporters, organizational allies, and our lobbyist Cindi Laws


Dynamic Contact with Members and Supporters
Numerous specific Action Alerts, Blog posts & Facebook posts
• Direct and focused language, courtesy of Communications Manager Kelly Powers, with links to relevant legislators
• Eye-catching graphics by Sydnie Jones, CommunicationsSpecialist


HCFA-WA Blitzes - pre-session
HCHR Public Forum – January 26th
24 presentations statewide in FY 2019 to date: Oct. 2018-April 2019


HCFA-WA Team and Committee Collaboration
Fundraising, Communications, Political Action, Spokane Group

Health Care is a Human Right - WA Campaign – Kelly Powers & Marcia Stedman integral members of the Steering Committee

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