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Welcome to Health Care for All-WA


For over two decades our mission has been to establish universal (everybody in, nobody out), publicly-funded health care for all Washington residents. 

Barriers to accessing treatment that are baked-in to the practices of profit-driven entities, such as insurance and pharmaceutical companies and hospital conglomerates, are immoral and unacceptable. These barriers produce much unnecessary sickness and deaths, causing untold suffering.

Did you know medical debt is the #1 cause cited in bankruptcy filings in the United States? That’s due to high costs and lack of coverage for so many citizens. Everyone benefits from and deserves affordable medical care that is also universal, comprehensive, and high-quality because health care is a human right.

72 countries around the world have instituted and benefit from universal and publicly-funded care systems. And they spend much less per person than we do in the United States. Can you guess the only wealthy, industrialized nation that hasn't created such a system? Spoiler alert: It’s the United States. 

There is no reason we cannot create a health care system in Washington that truly serves its residents.

Through legislative advocacy, HCFA-WA has been successful in passing legislation that moves us closer to universal health care and improves health care affordability and access.


Some of what we’ve done so far:

We build relationships with legislators, Washingtonians, and organizations statewide because working together is the most effective way to achieve our goals.

Join us to support a healthier, equitable future with universal healthcare.

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